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  1. Feed the birds

    W 40th St & 10th Ave

    Pigeons need love too. Underneath the Port Authority overpass on 10th Ave today:

    A woman feeding a flock of pigeons

Saturday, Jun 7th

  1. Balloon day

    A little bit of color on this fairly plain section of W 46th St:

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    Meanwhile a bit more lively on W 53rd St:

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Saturday, May 17th

Tuesday, May 6th

  1. Daily roadwork update

    W 48th St & 9th Ave

    A quick look at the eternal roadworks in the area, quickly stopping traffic to get this piece of pipe moved:

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    One day all the roads will be perfect and there’ll be no more construction…

Thursday, May 1st

  1. Ice cream weather

    W 44th St & 10th Ave

    Hot day today, perfect excuse for ice cream:

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    Such a contrast with Gotham West towering over such a little ice cream truck. They’re gonna need to get a whole lot more artisanal to fit in around that area nowadays…

    And sorry for the silence over the past week! We’re back!

Tuesday, Apr 22nd

Sunday, Apr 20th

Friday, Apr 18th

  1. 9th Ave’s very own sidewalk mountain

    W 39th St & 9th Ave

    You have to hope they’re putting a new tree in where this confusing pile of stuff just below 39th St is soon… Until then it’ll continue being fun obstacle:

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    At least there’s a traffic cone, problem solved!

Saturday, Apr 12th

  1. Flower field

    DeWitt Clinton Park

    Spring = flowers, and they’ve got plenty of them all over DeWitt Clinton Park:

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Wednesday, Apr 9th

Saturday, Apr 5th

Wednesday, Mar 26th