UPS Store franchise on 10th Ave forced to close by HQ

694 10th Ave

For unknown reasons, The UPS Store on 10th Ave has been made to close up shop by “head office”. Sure, it’s part of a chain, but the place is a franchise, so it’s owned and run by regular people, who understandably would be pretty upset with this turn of events.

The exterior of the closed UPS Store franchise

They’ve put up a letter explaining the closure:

A notice explaining the closure at the UPS Store franchise

The shutters make it hard to read, so here’s the text:

The UPS Store Inc has forced the owners of this location to close the store and cease operating as a The UPS Store. The owners are currently in litigation with the Area franchisee from The UPS Store in connection with this matter and are taking all available actions to reopen this store as soon as possible.

If you have a mailbox at this location, please send an email to nypshotline@​gmail.​com and we will advise you when you can come pick it up. If you have any questions regarding UPS packages you have routed to this location, please contact The UPS Store customer service at 1800 742 5877. We apologize for this inconvenience, and hope to reopen as soon as possible.


All the drama that can happen with something as seemingly simple as a mail shop

Update: Thanks everyone for sharing your experiences in the comments. Good to hear some of you are starting to make progress. We’ve received an email from commenter Eva about some success she’s had in the battle to get access back to your mail:

Good News! A rep for UPS STORES INC contacted me this morning. They are stepping up so we can all get our mail. They will also honor our contracts and redistribute our mail to other UPS STORE locations. If you have a box at 331 West 57th Street write to customerrelations@​upsstore.​com. Give them your box number and other vital info as well as how long you have had your contract etc. and they will be more than happy to help you. You can also call them at 1(800)7894623. At the moment they are dealing with the owners to get our mail out of the store so you can pick it up at other UPS STORE locations. They have also said that they are looking into forwarding any mail that is en route.

They promised to keep in touch. So please check back for more info about OUR UPS STORE.

We’ve also posted a follow-​up article about all the goings-​on at the 57th St store and all the messages being left on the windows. There’s a possibly-​helpful list of phone numbers to try while you keep pushing to get your mail.

If you have any breakthroughs yourself, please let us know below, or by emailing us! Best of luck!

Update 2: (March 5) Commenter Eva reports below that UPS called with news that all the mail from the W 57th St location will be available for pickup by Friday at another UPS location.

In addition, commenter Karen has shared a number of images of employees (?) entering the store today gathering mail to take to the other location, as well as a new notice on the window with the address of the pickup location: the UPS Store on 8th Ave between 52nd & 53rd. If you still haven’t gotten access to your mail yet, try that store as soon as you can.

A notice about the location to pickup mail at the closed UPS Store
Source: karen10019

It sounds like this nightmare might be coming to an end.