1. It’s The Big One: Top Gun at the Intrepid Tomorrow

    Here we go. The next installment of the Summer Movies Series at the Intrepid is on tomorrow night, and it’s the one we’ve been waiting for: Top Gun, on the flight deck of the Intrepid. Gonna be huge.

    The Intrepid Summer Movie Series promotional banner
    Source: Intrepid Museum

    As usual, doors open at 7:30pm, but you’ll want to be there well in advance  it fills up quickly.

    Just one more to go after this one  the Karate Kid next week. Is summer over already?

  2. Columbus Library Reopened

    Wrapping up our constant coverage, the Columbus branch of the NY Public Library finally reopened today after over two months away, to little fanfare. Good to have it back.

  3. Night Out Against Crime

    As promised, we stopped by the Night Out Against Crime at Hell’s Kitchen Park tonight. It was very much a family event, with lots of activities on for children, and free pizza. Dozens of NYPD officers were there, as well as a number of community groups.

    The entrance booth for the Night Out Against Crime
    NYPD officers at the Night Out Against Crime
    The free dinner at the Night Out Against Crime
    Members of the community discussing with NYPD officers at the Night Out Against Crime

    Obligatory jumping castle:

    The jumping caste at the Night Out Against Crime

    Overall a nice community event.

  4. Columbus Library Reopening Early

    The Columbus branch of the NY public library closed back in June, as reported earlier, while upgrading their HVAC system. The branch wasn’t scheduled to reopen until September, which has been a fairly major inconvenience to regulars. Good news, however, as they’re opening early!

    The reopening announcement on the front of the Columbus Branch Library

    The branch will be open again on Monday (August 12th), ready for all your reading needs.

    The Columbus Branch Library
  5. Dog Killed in DeWitt Clinton Park

    Well that’s depressing. We’ve just heard that last Wednesday morning (the 31st), two dogs got into an altercation at the dog run in DeWitt Clinton Park, and one of the dogs was killed.

    There’s a review on Yelp from someone describing what happened, and it’s a bit horrific. Here’s the nicer first half of it:

    As the owners of Cinderella (the 45 pound brownish yellow rescue dog with multiple bald spots) that killed 10 pound Symba at 10:30am 73113, I hope you ensure that this does not happen again.

    We weren’t there, so we don’t know for sure what happened, but it sounds like the owners of the small dog that was killed took him into the large dog area instead of the small dog area. The other larger dog is apparently a rescue dog, so might have had some unfortunate behavioral issues. These two issues came together and sadly caused the death.

  6. Upcoming Night Out Against Crime

    Tomorrow night, a collection of community groups are running a free “Night Out Against Crime” at Hell’s Kitchen Park.

    Here’s the details from the announcement flyer:

    Across the country residents are gathering with their local police officers to take back their neighborhoods. Hell’s Kitchen residents and police officers are celebrating this event in Hell’s Kitchen Park. We’ll have games, refreshments and pizza! Crime prevention material will be available. The Midtown Community Court will be on hand to answer your questions and more!

    There’s also going to be face painting for children at 5:30pm, as well as a “moonwalk for kids”?

    Have a look at the full flyer if you want to see all the details (and don’t mind Comic Sans). We’ll stop by to check it out tomorrow, but it sounds like it’s going to be a pretty big event.

  7. Space Shuttle Pavilion Reopened

    The Space Shuttle Pavilion on board the Intrepid reopened today, to much fanfare.

    The New York City Police Band performing before the reopening ceremony
    Source: The Intrepid’s Facebook
    The Space Shuttle Enterprise
    Source: The Intrepid’s Facebook
    The ribbon cutting ceremony at the reopening ceremony
    Source: The Intrepid’s Facebook
    The pavilion reopening ceremony address
    Source: The Intrepid’s Facebook

    The Endeavour arrived at the Intrepid in July last year, but was forced to close at the end of October due to damage caused by Hurricane Sandy. It’s fantastic to see such a significant part of history back open to the public again.

  8. El Azteca Closed

    El Azteca, the popular Mexican restaurant/​bar on 9th Ave just north of 52nd St, was shut down recently by the Department of Health:

    The covered windows with health department notices of El Azteca

    The restaurant’s decided to make the most of the situation, however, and has decided to renovate the interior. It’s only been three days, and they’re already deep into the refitting.

    They’ve had a pretty rough history in past health inspections, with a number of violations, but the closure was a first.

    The exterior of El Azteca

    Here’s hoping they’re back up and running soon, with the health “issues” fixed.

  9. Port Authority Meat Market?

    The Big Apple Meat Market is eyeing a massive space opposite the Port Authority Bus Terminal, according to DNAinfo:

    One of the neighborhood’s few affordable grocery stores is hoping to get a discount on rent at a huge space across from the Port Authority Bus Terminal.

    Locals say the space at 551 Ninth Ave.  the former home of Project FIND’s Coffee House  would be a perfect spot for the Big Apple Meat Market.

    The space is directly beneath the overpass on 9th Ave:

    The vacant store the Big Apple Meat Market is said to be interested in

    It would be a big step up from their current, cramped location a block south of there:

    The Big Apple Meat Market's current store

    They were forced to move to the current location after being pushed out of their old location just north of the bus terminal:

    The old location of the Big Apple Meat Market

    The community board gave its support to the move at its meeting on Wednesday, so the ball is in the Port Authority’s court.

  10. Columbus Library Branch Closed

    The Columbus Public Library branch on 10th Avenue temporarily closed last week, to begin upgrades to their HVAC system.

    The notice at the Columbus branch describing the branch's temporary closure

    The branch doesn’t expect to be open again until September 3 months. The nearest locations  for those so inclined  are the Riverside Library at 65th & Amsterdam, the Donnell Library on W 53rd St between 5th & 6th Ave, and the main branch at Bryant Park.

    The exterior of the the Columbus New York Public Library branch