1. Ñaño bar & restaurant construction watch

    The new bar and restaurant opening up across from Hell’s Kitchen Park is coming along, and recently signage has been put up with the name. ñaño will bring Ecuadorian dishes and drinks to 10th Ave, between 47th & 48th.

    The exterior of the under-construction ñaño bar & restaurant
    The interior of the under-construction ñaño bar & restaurant

    Their website is up and has the full menu, complete with photos of each of the dishes. They’re also hiring, if you’re interested.

    The spot was formerly the home of Hell’s Kitchen Pizza, whose signature shutters always stood out:

    The exterior of the now-closed Hell's Kitchen Pizza

    Look forward to ñaño opening in the coming months.

Sunday, Sep 1st

  1. Atlas Social Club signage is up, and is disappointing

    It’s time for another update in the ongoing saga of the Vintage-​to-​ASC conversion (previously here). The new venue has put its signage up, and it is nothing more than paint on paint:

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    View Image

    For reference, here’s what it replaced:

    View Image

    The new bar will be a “cross between a gay speakeasy and a retro athletic club”, apparently. It’ll be interesting to see what that actually means. The inside will be decorated with classic boxing, bodybuilding and wrestling and bodybuilding memorabilia. Hopefully they put a little more effort into the interior decoration than they did with the exterior.

Friday, Aug 30th

  1. Million Second Quiz descends on 41st St

    Get ready: the Million Second Quiz is coming. The stage for this new TV show has been set up on the roof of the still-​vacant former Mercedes dealership on W 41st St:

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    The show will be filming pretty much every night throughout the first half of September, with host Ryan Seacrest (!!). NBC has gone all out with the setup for the stage, with the full high-​tech lighting structure and grandstands. They’ve even got billboards up for it across the road:

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    As if that wasn’t exciting enough, you can even be part of the audience for the show. Tickets are still available for most of the nights, so get in quick. SEE YOU THERE.

Thursday, Aug 22nd

  1. It All Ends: Last Summer Movie at the Intrepid Tomorrow

    Tomorrow night is the night: The Karate Kid (the original 1984 version, not the Jaden Smith one) will be playing at the Intrepid for the final movie of the Summer Movies Series.

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    Source: Intrepid Museum

    The details, for the last time: doors open at 7:30pm, get there early to make sure you get a spot, bring chairs/​blankets.

    The series has had a good run, with big turnouts for all the screenings, and amazing luck with the weather, with tomorrow night looking ready to keep that going.

    Summer is ending too quickly.

Tuesday, Aug 20th

  1. “Kick Back to the Futures”

    This Thursday night, Futures in Education are holding a charity night at the Hudson Terrace to raise funds for providing education to underprivileged children. Per the event:

    Enjoy a one-​hour open bar against panoramic views of NYC and the Hudson River from a stunning rooftop, while supporting a life-​changing education for thousands of underprivileged children in our own backyard.

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    Source: Hudson Terrace

    Some more info about the charity:

    The mission of Futures In Education is to ensure that the gift of an excellent education continues to be a viable option for current and future generations of deserving students in Brooklyn and Queens.

    Early registration for the night is $25 and closes tomorrow, otherwise walk-​ins are $35 at the door.

Sunday, Aug 18th

  1. @Nine on 9th

    The signage had been up for a while now, but just over a week ago the new Thai restaurant and bar “@NINE opened between 42nd & 43rd, surprisingly enough on 9th Ave. The bright glowing “9” at the entrance is pretty interesting:

    View Image
    View Image

    They’ve been incoming for a while now, with the storefront signage being up for several weeks:

    View Image

    You can check out the menu to see their offerings. They’re joining the dozen or so other Thai restaurants along the avenue. Still not 100% sure on the spelling of the name (@Nine? @9? At Nine?), but that massive “9” alone is sure to draw in crowds.

Wednesday, Aug 14th

  1. It’s The Big One: Top Gun at the Intrepid Tomorrow

    Here we go. The next installment of the Summer Movies Series at the Intrepid is on tomorrow night, and it’s the one we’ve been waiting for: Top Gun, on the flight deck of the Intrepid. Gonna be huge.

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    Source: Intrepid Museum

    As usual, doors open at 7:30pm, but you’ll want to be there well in advance  it fills up quickly.

    Just one more to go after this one  the Karate Kid next week. Is summer over already?

Tuesday, Aug 13th

  1. White Oak Joining 10th Ave

    Right next door to the new Mamasita, another new spot is opening up. Named “White Oak”, we don’t know too much about it yet, other than that it’ll have a rear garden.

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    View Image

    The spot was formerly “Fusion”, which closed around May of last year.

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    Source: Foursquare

    That block along 10th Ave is changing rapidly. First Mamasita, and now there’s White Oak coming shortly. The paint store a few stores up has closed, and the building next to that is being rebuilt. Exciting times.

Saturday, Aug 10th

Tuesday, Aug 6th

Sunday, Aug 4th

  1. Mamasita Incoming

    Mamasita, a new Mexican bar and grill, is gearing up to open on 10th Ave. Taking over the store of the former Manhattan Marketplace, the spot between 54th & 55th claims to be “the home of the original 60oz margarita”.

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    Their menu is online, and has all the staple Mexican dishes. They’re just one block over from the neighborhood favorite El Centro, as well as a handful of other Mexican restaurants and bars, but there’s not really any on 10th Ave near them.

    A close-​up on that “unique” sign:

    View Image

    Their website is currently blank, so expect to see that come to life as they get closer to launching. And of course, they’re on Seamless.

    Here’s the same storefront just over a month ago:

    View Image
    June 2013

    We’ll check back again when they’re open and churning out burritos.

Friday, Aug 2nd

  1. Summer Movies at the Intrepid Continue with Harry Potter

    Another quick reminder  the free Summer Movie Series at the Intrepid continues tonight, with a screening of Harry Potter.

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    Source: Intrepid Museum
    View Image
    Source: IMDB

    Every movie so far has seen lines stretching far around the neighboring pier, so if you want to get a spot make sure you arrive well in advance of the 7:30pm opening.

    To quickly recap, the series kicked off with National Treasure back in June, following up with Jaws, then last week continued with Star Trek during SpaceFest, with two more still to go after tonight’s screening.

Sunday, Jul 21st

  1. Noise Complaints at Traffic Bar

    At the community board meeting two weeks ago, a number of residents showed up to voice their concerns about noise from Traffic at night, with one person apparently going as far as calling 311 to complain over 90 times.

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    Nobody from the bar attended the meeting to defend themselves, so because of the overwhelming amount of complains, and the allegations that the bar kept the doors and windows open much later than their license allowed, the board agreed to hold back on their pending license renewal.

    With the construction and roadworks still going on right outside the bar, and now this, it hasn’t been a good month for the venue. Unless the bar can address the many complaints from the community, there’s a chance they might be getting shuttered in the near future.

Friday, Jun 21st

Saturday, Jun 8th

  1. Another 9th Ave Gay Bar

    Looks like 9th Ave is set to welcome another gay bar:

    Ben Maisani, whose partner is CNN anchor Anderson Cooper, is set to open a third trendy New York City gay bar in Hell’s Kitchen, The Real Deal has learned.

    The space used to be the wine bar Vintage, which closed down in April.

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    A bit more on the new bar, from The Real Deal:

    The new space is comprised of 2,500 square feet of space on the street level and 2,500 feet on the lower level, according to a listing for the property on Buz​zTar​get​.com. The term of Maisani’s lease is 15 years, sources said. Retail rents in the area range from $150 to $200 a square foot, they said.