Silent opposition against incoming Clubhouse BBQ

Clubhouse BBQ

Looks like some residents aren’t too thrilled about the incoming Clubhouse BBQ to W 53rd St. An anonymous neighbor (who clearly isn’t impressed with the idea of the outdoor back area of the future spot being filled with people) has plastered this warning next to Clubhouse BBQ’s application notice:

A printout of an aerial image of Clubhouse BBQ's outdoor area with warnings written on it

While this is literally a NIMBY attitude, it’s easy to sympathize with the mystery resident (residents?) they’ve had a peaceful back area for a few months since La Silhouette disappeared mysteriously, and an unknown new place opening would be worrying. Who knows, maybe Clubhouse BBQ will be quiet and peaceful?

Update: There’s more:

A printout of Clubhouse BBQ's permit application notice with a rallying opposition message around it

A printout of a photo of their printed application. Which we’ve now photographed. If someone wants to print this page out, we’ll have gone full meta.